Act of Faith Productions exists to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a unique and challenging way through music, dance and drama

Through February and March 2016, Act of Faith Productions performed 'New Day' at theatres across Glasgow. The show followed the experience of three friends in their search for answers as they faced grief, a struggle with identity and unexpected illness. Performed by an enthusiastic cast of young Christians, 'New Day' tackled hard questions in such a way to encourage the audience to consider each day in a new light! Check out some of the images from the show below:


The Origin of Act of Faith Productions

In March 2014, local farmer, Ally Gray, reserved a spot at Eastwood Theatre with nothing but a vision – to share the story of salvation in a contemporary, unique way. He managed to encourage many young people from Cartsbridge Evangelical Church, who, with some assistance from friends at other local churches, stepped up to the challenge.

With most cast members having no previous experience on a stage, they were all well out of their comfort zone. They simply believed that, with God’s help, they could work together as a team and make the vision a reality and that’s exactly what happened. God helped them overcome the fact that there were no professional musicians, dancers or actors amongst them. 'An Act of Faith’ was born with the storyline following the journey of faith of a young girl called Sophie. The show was a thought-provoking success and highly commended by all who went to see it.