Cartsbridge Evangelical Church is an independent church which has its roots in the Brethren movement and is led by a group of elders. The global church is described in the Word of God as the bride of Christ who are a family of people called into fellowship with God, saved by Jesus Christ, and indwelt by the Holy Spirit in order that they might worship, witness and work to the glory of God. 

The objectives of Cartsbridge support the overall purpose of the church of Christ, and focus on what we do as Christians living for God and sharing Jesus Christ today.

Encounter God

Our primary purpose is to glorify God. We will honour God through praise, prayer and the preaching of His Word. (Hebrews ch10 v19-25, Psalm ch122 v1).

Experience Christianity

We will encourage one another as one body in Christ
(Ephesians ch4 v1-16, Colossians ch3 v 12-14)

Equip for life

We will guide believers to grow in Christian maturity in all areas through example, Bible study and training
(2 Timothy ch3 v16-17, Colossians ch1 v28-29)

Engage with Love

We will use every means of sharing the Good News of Salvation; individually and corporately, in word and deed (Matthew ch28 v19-20, 1 Thessalonians ch2 v8)

As God gives us direction we will respond to the needs of our community and the world
(Matthew ch25 v35-46, James ch2 v14)